ProDelphi(64-6432) / ProLaza(64) - Ordering the Professional Version

The Professional Version can be ordered via ShareIt shareware registration service. A download link will
be sent by e-mail. 
Also a registration key will be delivered.

All software, which is sold via ShareIt, is free of virusses. Every file has been checked via
Jotti's Malware Scan
with BitDefender, F-Secure, GData and 10 other renowned scanners.

Do not check the software via !!! False Positives !!!

Besides renowned scanners they also use several dubious unmaintained tools with no possibility to remove false alerts.

Purchase price refunds due to an alert reported by VirusTotal are excluded!

Before ordering you should be sure that your mail server does not block mail from Germany.

Order the Professional Version only after reading the data privacy statement.

Bestellen Sie nur dann die Professional Version, wenn Sie die Datenschutzerklärung gelesen haben

Professional version order

Link for
secure ordering

(+ VAT for

ProDelphi - version for 32 bit applications 

ShareIt 65.00 €
ProDelphi64 - version for 64 bit applications  ShareIt 75.00 €
ProDelphi6432 - version for 64 and 32 bit applications
90.00 €
ProLaza - version for 32 bit applications
ShareIt 37.50 €
ProLaza - version for 64 bit applications ShareIt 49.50 €

* Volume discounts are available (see ShareIt order page).

Special discounts:

If ProDelphi64 is ordered via ShareIt, the 32 bit version of ProDelphi is offered with a discount of 50 %. Just click the graphic in the ShareIt shopping cart.

For all versions there are different volume discounts depending on the number of licenses ordered. See ShareIt order pages.

Software distribution services:

No extra discounts !!!

Upgrades / Updates  for registered users
(Not available for software distribution services)

(+ VAT for

Customers will be notified automatically in case of an available upgrade and will be provided with information on how to order.
Upgrade from any old ProDelphi version to newest ProDelphi 64 and 32 bit version 60.00 €
Upgrade from any old ProDelphi version to newest ProDelphi 32 bit version

32.50 €

Upgrade from any old ProDelphi version to newest ProDelphi 64 bit version
37.50 €
Upgrade from any old ProLaza version to newest ProLaza version 20.00 €
Upgrade from any old ProLaza version to newest ProLaza64 version 25.00 €
Updates due to bugfixes


The VAT depends on the country from where the customer orders the products !!