ProDelphi - customer reference list (incomplete)

Companies, that order the professional version, MAY have a link to their homepage here.
Just sent me an e-mail.

Last Update: March, 4, 2022

A few of the many companies, that enhance their products with ProDelphi, in alphabetical order:

ACP Business Solutions GmbH - jurXpert, Vienna, Austria

AJ-Software, Baesweiler, Germany

Alstom Transport, Switzerland

ARIAS, Bern, Switzerland

Citadelia Creative Studio, Ljubljana, Slovenia

dataWeb, Aicha, Germany

DB Software Laboratory Limited,  UK 

delight software gmbh, Lommis, Switzerland

Digital Business Systems, St Thomas, Barbados

Dohmen ICT, Hoensbroek, Netherlands

DR SoftWare Inc, Hammonds Plains. Canada

e2s,  Zwijnaarde, Belgium

GMS Gastronomie Software, St. Michael, Austria

Helpful Solutions, Dillsburg, PA, USA

IBExpert,  Malta, Germany and USA

Honeywell Safety Management Systems, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Intelligent Medical Objects, USA

Hitstec Solutions, Bad Krozingen, Germany

HMI-Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Jam Software, Trier, Germany

Kildrummy Technologies Limited, UK

Routeware, Roskilde, Denmark

Sageline Publishing, Ellicot City, MD, USA

Siemens AG, Nuremberg, Germany

Simul8 - Simulation Software, Solutions and Technology, UK

Solucionar Informática & Sistemas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

TickQuest Inc., Toronto, Canada

Tiger Communications, Ringwood, UK

Tidal Software, Palo Alto, USA

Twintec, Gravina di Catania, Italy

VisserTek, Susteren, Netherlands

Worldsmart Retail, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

WPCubed GmbH, PDF and word processing components, Munich, Germany

Zero Assumption Software, Moskow, Russia