Profiling on mobile processors

Mobile computers have one problem: They change their CPU-speed dynamically. If a mobile computer is connected with AC power it normally uses the full CPU speed, if working with battery power, the CPU speed changes dynamically.

This does not directly affect the measurement:

ProDelphi measures CPU cycles. If we look to the CPU - cycles displayed in the viewer, the measurement is correct. If times are displayed, it could be that too long or too short times are displayed. It  depends on the CPU speed that was set when the CPU speed was estimated. Different processors use different algorithyms to change the speed.

The only way to get correct results is to switch off the power safe mode and connect with AC power.


There is a manufacturer from Taiwan selling a mobile with an AMD Athlon XP-M 1800. This processor should have a CPU-clock rate of 1.5 GHz. If ProDelphi displays a clock rate of 1.2 GHz, this does not mean that ProDelphi has a bug. It means that the mobile has a bug. Return this mobile to your distributor, let him send it back to the manufacturer to exchange the CPU. After that ProDelphi will show 1.5 GHz as clock speed when connected to AC power. Working with battery it will still work with 1.2 GHz.

It is not sure, that other mobiles from this manufacturer have a wrong CPU too. Two other mobiles from the same manufacturer checked had the correct CPU.

The brand of this mobile is not named here by intention !!! Don't ask.