Comments about ProDelphi
I think purchasing ProDelphi was the best investment we ever made.
We design ETL tools and performance everything for us, especially because we have to compete with Oracle and Microsoft. By using Prodelphi we were able to increase data loading speed into SQL Server by 400 percent. and we have just started.

Martin Jonson
ETL Development Manager
DB Software Laboratory
One hour after installing ProDelphi, I had a clear view of the runtime of all functions. Just a look to the helpfull diagrams and runtime tables and 10 minutes after fixing some functions the performance was increased by 300%. Great suggestions in the user guide. A tool that any programmer must have.

Michele Ribaudo
Congratulations for ProDelphi!
30 minutes after receiving the registration info, I've found the major bottlenecks in a data-access framework I was working on.

Gerard Visent

In the couple of months that I have been using ProDelphi, I have found it to be of enormous value. I was able to produce a very useful profile within minutes of installing ProDelphi. The reporting features are excellent and offer many useful ways of ordering the reported information.

Barny Mercer
Senior Software Developer
Kildrummy Technologies Limited

I thought I'd write you a note expressing my thanks for the updates and work you do.  I've  been using ProDelphi ocassionally to identify software hotspots in the systems I work on, coincidentally I did some profiling work again today, and ProDelphi saved me a lot of detective work ...Really good value for money...

Walter Prins

Just to say that your "ProDelphi" program is fantastic.  I am writing a very CPU intensive application, and the first time I used ProDelphi, it identified that most of the time was taken by a one line class method. I re-wrote the function in a non class mode and speeded up my app by 300%.

Brian J Read
Development director 
Execulink Inventory Management.

Ihre grandiose Software deckt schonungslos alle Nachlässigkeiten auf und hat sich bereits bestens bewährt.

(Translated to English: 'Your grandiose software merciless detects every carelessness and has proved its worth.')

Malte Tuellmann
Tuellmann Software

ProDelphi is working great. It is better than ...........'s Profiler.

Lawrence Chan
TickQuest Inc.
Innovative Software for Trading Professionals

I'm just writing this email to say Thank-you.

I just downloaded ProDelphi 8.54, and I'm in love with it already. ... The demo version has already helped me to track down a mistake that severely affected the performace of one of the products we are working on.

Devon McDormand
Software Developer
Adventus Inc.

Thank you for ProDelphi. It allowed me to find a bottleneck in the code of our form designer within only a few minutes. The problematic procedure did never look suspicious before. 

Julian Ziersch

For our application it is absolutely critical that the profiler would not consume a large portion of the CPU cycles by itself. ProDelphi is absolutely great in this respect.

Peter Pohmann, dataWeb GmbH
Tools and Components for Delphi and Web Developers

I had the job to append data (which I got by reading from a connection to SAP) to existing data. The application always needed 5 hours for this job. Using ProDelphi, I quickly found out, which parts of the application consumed the most time. With that information I could optimize the program, so at last that process only took about 20 minutes. This is a performance increasement of 1500 %!

Ing. A. Mussche
The Netherlands

Although I've been using ProDelphi for less than 24 hours, so far its been a real eye opener.  The jobs I thought were pretty quick turned out to be the ones that slowed the whole process down and I would never have figured out the problems this quickly without the assistance offered by your

Outer Reaches Studios

So ein geniales Programm, bzw. Tool ist mir schon lange nicht mehr unter die Finger gekommen. Grosses Kompliment und auch herzlichen Dank für die überaus humane Preisgestaltung!!!

(Translated into English: A long time already I didn't use such a ingenious tool. Big compliment and cordial thanks for the more than human pricing!!! )
Hans-Peter Suter, Dipl. Natw. ETH / SW-Entwickler
Treetron GmbH, Umweltinformatik,

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