Authors activities

Author of ProDelphi, ProLaza, Multimail and DebugDelphi:

Dipl. Inform. Helmuth J.H. Adolph,

born in Germany's most beautiful city: Oldenburg (Lower Saxony),
studied in Paderborn (North Rhine Westphalia),
worked in Nuremberg (Bavaria) for SIEMENS AG.

Pre-Pascal experiences:
- Assembler programming for real-time operating systems
- System optimization
- dBase optimization
- Teaching assembler programming and operating systems
- Prototyping of graphic visualisation systems

Previous Pascal activities:
- Windows emulation of BGI - graphics
- Small SCADA-System KLS

Delphi activites:
- VICOS RSC, the SIEMENS  network control system for traction power supplies:

  ( PC - PC communication ,  Hot Stand-By synchronization, System optimization,
    Basic graphics subsystem)